QBS Distribution (QBSD) is a division of QBS Software with a mandate to professionally service software resellers. To do most things you need to have an account at QBSD and be issued with a personal login id and password. Please contact QBSD Sales on 08458 122 144 or email to request a login.

Searching for Publishers, Products and Stock Items...

Enter the name of the publisher, product, stock item or anything in the edit box top right of the screen and click the GO button. A list of products containing matching text will be displayed. Note searches are not 100% accurate and you should also consider using the Product Menu.

From the Produc Menu, you can select to search an alphabetical list of Products,   Publishers,   Categories or you can search by QBS SKU (stock code) or Publisher's SKU (stock code) to find a specific stock item.

Three levels of products...

Tier 1:  Products get the full treatment: overview, detailed info, system requirements, product licensing, documents, downloads and full pricing.
Tier 2:  Products get less attention and we dont maintain full details and pricing.
Tier 3:  Products have little information and in most cases we were asked to source them by one of our resellers.

When there is no pricing or information, please call 08458 122 144 or email

Sourcing Products

Where you cannot find the software you are looking for please let us help. We are specialists at sourcing software that is hard to find. If you know the publisher name or product name it helps, but we are happy just to look for software that performs a particular function. Please call 08458 122 144 or email

Technical Support

We provide technical support on most of the products we sell to the best of our ability. If we have specially sourced a product for you we may not be so familiar with the technology or the installation. We will always try to help. In most cases we can easily contact the publisher on behalf of your customer and get the problem resolved. In some cases we will recommend that your customer talks directly to the publisher's tech support people to save time.  For assistance, please call 020 8733 7102 or email

Tracking Orders

Some orders may remain open (incomplete) until we have all the prerequisite information. In most cases we will need full end-user details and license (registration) numbers for upgrades.
Once an order has been confirmed (we have complete information) it can be ordered and will appear online. You will be able to view a list of recently shipped orders and outstanding orders showing ETAs.

By default we show orders for the last 7 days (This can be changed to the last 30 days). You are able to drill down to see full order details including ship-to and end-user addresses. On physical deliveries you can track the package delivery and see who signed for it.


We have a comprehensive renewals system which will allow you to view your customers' renewals online. Whenever you buy a product with an associated renewal term (maintenance, support plan or subscription) we create a reminder (to-do) dated one or two months before the expiry. Renewals can be filtered by date and customers. Where possible we try to show which QBSD stock item should be used for the renewal.

Official Distributors of Foxit

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