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Found 85 products with names that start with the letter R

.NET Developer Bundle (Red Gate)
Bundle for developers writing applications in any of the languages supported by the .NET Framework and testers who need to test applications written in .NET.
PerfectDisk Professional (Raxco)
Disk defragmentation utility for defragmenting large and fragmented disk drives and that optimises virtually every file on the system including all metadata, paging files and directories. SMART Placement technology optimises drives.
PerfectDisk Server (Raxco)
Disk defragmentation product that improves server performance. Restore performance on large servers using automatic background defragmentation and customisable scheduling options and reclaim and consolidate available space.
PerfectDisk vSphere (Raxco)
Total automation and flexibility combined with robust central management to provide complete defragmentation of your production vSphere environment while eliminating resource contention, so your virtual environment runs better than ever.
Policy Patrol Mail Server Tools (Red Earth Software)
Email Security & Management for Exchange Server.
R&R ReportWorks (Liveware Publishing)
Data access and reporting tool for designing reports for data stored in Xbase (DBF) and SQL databases. Xbase databases are those created by Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Visual dBASE, CA Visual Objects, Clipper and other compatible products.
RAD Studio (Embarcadero)
Rapid application development suite for building GUI-intensive, data-driven end-user applications visually for native Microsoft Windows and .NET.
Radmin (Famatech)
Secure remote control and remote access software for working on a remote computer with access from multiple locations.
Rapid PHP (Blumentals Software)
Rapid PHP editor is a powerful, quick and sophisticated PHP editor with features of a fully-loaded PHP IDE and speed of the Notepad.
RaQuest (SparxSystems Japan Co.)
Requirements management tool for Enterprise Architect, used for managing the requirements of systems and applications.
RAR IFilter (IfilterShop)
Index content of RAR archive files.
Read&Write (Texthelp Systems)
Reads out loud as users type or reads any document. It also provides full screen reading of text, menus and icons.
Readiris (I.R.I.S.)
Recognises scanned paper documents, PDF files and all popular image file format and turns them into digital files.
Rebex File Transfer Pack (Rebex CR)
SFTP, FTP, FTP/SSL and File Server for .NET
Rebex SSH Pack (Rebex CR)
SFTP, SSH, File Server, Terminal emulation for .NET
Rebex Total Pack (Rebex CR)
All Rebex .NET libraries in one package
Recognition Server (ABBYY)
Server-based solution for medium to high volume document processing across large departments and enterprises that can be deployed as a standalone program and an integral part of a third-party system such as DMS, RMS and electronic archiving systems.
RecoveryManager Plus (ManageEngine)
Complete Active Directory and virtual machine backup and restoration.
Recuva (Piriform)
Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost files after a computer crash? No problem - Recuva recovers files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player!
Red Hat Certificate System (Red Hat)
Manage user identities and ensure privacy of communication.
Red Hat Desktop (Red Hat)
Linux client system for desktop deployments.
Red Hat Directory Server (Red Hat)
LDAP-based registry server.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Red Hat)
Operating platform that uses open source software and delivers an enterprise-ready solution that can handle any application workload. It is suitable for, and has been deployed on, desktops, servers and mainframes.
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise (Red Hat)
Provides resources, tools and best practices to assist businesses in using open source middleware architecture.
Red Hat Training (Red Hat)
Training for RHCSA, RHCE, certificates of expertise, RHCVA, RHCDS, RHCSS, RHCA and JBCAA.
Red Hat Virtualization (Red Hat)
Virtualisation software allowing a single server to run multiple server or desktop operating systems.
Redix AnyToAny Format Converter (Engine) (Redix International)
The Redix AnyToAny Format Converter Engine meets the format conversion needs of all enterprises.
Redix AnyToAny XML Format Converter (Engine) (Redix International)
The Redix AnyToXML Format Converter Engine converts non-XML messages (such as flat files or EDI files) into well-formed XML messages.
Reflection Desktop (Micro Focus)
Terminal emulation software that connects Windows users to applications on IBM, UNIX, OpenVMS, and HP hosts. Reflection helps you safeguard data, boost user productivity and simplify desktop management.
Reflection Desktop for UNIX and OpenVMS (Micro Focus)
A Windows-based terminal emulator that connects users to UNIX, Linux and OpenVMS hosts.
Reflection Desktop for X (Micro Focus)
Reflection Dektop for X is a high-powered PC X server that connects Windows users to graphical and text-based applications on UNIX systems.
Reflection for Secure IT (Micro Focus)
SSH clients and servers
ReFox (ComPro (CZ))
ReFox provides a mechanism for protecting Visual FoxPro and FoxPro 2.x applications from unwanted decompilation.
Remote Admin (Netviewer)
Remote Admin
Remote Desktop Manager (Devolutions)
It lets you centralise all your remote connections, passwords and credentials into a unique platform.
Remote Shutdown (EMCO Software)
Allows you to manage network PCs from a central location and execute remote shutdown, Wake-on-LAN, reboot, power off, hibernate and other operations remotely.
RemoteExec (IS Decisions)
A universal deployer for Microsoft Windows systems that enables network administrators to install remotely application and file types to servers and workstations.
Remove Duplicates from Outlook Express (MAPILAB)
The program will search the selected folders for duplicates and move duplicates to the "Deleted Items". In the program settings you can select another folder where duplicated messages will be moved or make the program delete them.
Repeat Digital Signage (Repeat Software Ltd)
Display dynamic digital signage content to your customers to promote your products and services
Replay Capture Suite (Applian Technologies)
Contains nine handy software programs that provide the tools you need to capture media from the internet. Record radio, save music as MP3 files, download video, record Skype calls and convert and edit your recorded files.
Replay Media Catcher (Applian Technologies)
Powerful video downloader, media converter and MP3 grabber.
Replay Video Capture (Applian Technologies)
Offers a way to make production quality videos from hard-to-record sources for example if you are having trouble downloading Web videos or can't copy DVD's to your PC.
Report Runner Batch (Jeff-Net)
An automated report distribution tool for Crystal Reports and works with all versions of Crystal Reports.
Report Runner Viewer (Jeff-Net)
Jeff-Net Report Runner Viewer is our simple, easy to use, Crystal Reports viewer. ALL versions of Crystal Reports are supported.
ReportBuilder (Digital Metaphors)
Delphi reporting. Includes server for report delivery, drag and drop layout, components for text, lines, shapes, charts, barcodes, regions, and subreports. Produce free-form, nested, side-by-side and drill-down reports.
ReportBuilder (Unify (Gupta))
A 32-bit client/server query and reporting tool that provides individuals a quick and easy way to create attractive reports and ad-hoc queries for databases.
Resco MobileForms Toolkit (Resco)
Microsoft Windows Mobile controls and libraries for Windows mobile devices including full Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 integration and 2008 and limited integration with v2003.
ReSharper (JetBrains)
Code analysis, editing, generation, compliance testing, refactoring and other features. For C#, VB.NET, XAML, ASP.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML and XML.
ReSharper C++ (JetBrains)
Visual Studio Extension for C++ Developers
Response (Whitetiger)
Office management software for Windows applications.
ResultsManager (Gyronix)
Project management tool based on the MindManager software
Retina (BeyondTrust)
A network vulnerability scanner and remediation management system that discovers and helps to fix all known security vulnerabilities on Internet, intranet and extranet systems.
Returnil Virtual System (Returnil)
A security product that uses a combination of system virtualisation and anti-malware technologies to protect computers against both malicious threats and unwanted system changes.
Review Assistant (Devart)
Review Assistant is a code review plugin for Visual Studio. This code review tool allows to create review requests and respond to them without leaving Visual Studio. Review Assistant supports TFS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce.
RFID Label Printing Products & Software Applications
Rhino (Robert McNeel & Associates)
Rhino can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate and translate NURBS curves, surfaces and solids, point clouds and polygon meshes.
Rich Chart Builder (Blue Pacific Software)
Transforms data charts into communication
Rich Chart Server (Blue Pacific Software)
Rich Chart Server generates captivating dynamic Flash charts from ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications.
RichHelpTip (Richer Components)
Tool for ASP.NET that allows developers to add in-page help for end-users.
RichSlider (Richer Components)
Visual slider for the Microsoft ASP.NET platform.
RichText Boost (BoostSolutions)
Enhances the functionality of the default SharePoint rich text editor without creating a new column type and upload and insert images, hyperlinks and Flash films directly into any rich text column.
Rider (JetBrains)
JetBrains Rider is a new cross-platform .NET IDE based on the IntelliJ platform and ReSharper
Robo-FTP (Serengeti Systems)
A secure, automated FTP client which provides flexible workflow automation solutions to small businesses and individual power-users who need script-driven file transfers capable of custom workflows.
RockWorks (RockWare Europe)
Data Visualization tools such as Maps, Logs, Cross Sections, Fence Diagrams, Solid Models, Volumetrics, and GIS Connectivity
Roxio Burn Enterprise (Roxio (A Corel Company))
Remove the risk from removable media with ROxio Secure Burn Enterprise.
Roxio Creator (Roxio (A Corel Company))
Enhance, preserve, capture and share your digital media with Creator NXT 4
Roxio Toast (Roxio (A Corel Company))
A complete digital media toolkit for your Mac.
RSIGuard (Enviance)
Enviance's RSIGuard is an award-winning desktop ergonomic software solution that reduces the impact of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) for office workers.
RSSBus Data Providers (RSSBus)
Enable the connection of .NET applications to Google, QuickBooks and etc using standard Microsoft Visual Studio wizards. Databind to applications, databases and services, create, read, update and delete.
RubyMine (JetBrains)
Built on the IntelliJ platform and providing integrated developer tools for creating Ruby development and web development environments with Ruby on Rails including dedicated RoR project structure views and Rails specific code completion.
SecurID (RSA)
Two factor authentication for desktops, networks, email and internet
SQL Backup Pro (Red Gate)
Compressed and encrypted backup and recovery for SQL Server databases.
SQL Compare (Red Gate)
Compares and synchronises SQL Server database schemas. Automate database comparisons. Synchronise your databases. Work with SQL scripts, snapshots, backups or live databases.
SQL Comparison Bundle (Red Gate)
Enables the comparison, synchronising and packaging of SQL database schemas and contents and the tracking of database and cross-database object dependencies.
SQL Data Compare (Red Gate)
Automate data migrations, analyse corrupted data, restore row-level data from backups, compile audit trails of missing or changed data and SQL scripts under source control.
SQL Data Generator (Red Gate)
Test databases and comply with privacy legislation that prohibits the sharing of live, sensitive data.
SQL Dependency Tracker (Red Gate)
Analyses Microsoft SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 databases and produces an interactive dependency diagram for thorough pre-impact analysis of database changes.
SQL Developer Bundle (Red Gate)
A set of tools for developing, testing and deploying databases.
SQL Doc (Red Gate)
Tool for connecting to databases and writing, editing and outputing documentation in HTML format or as printable, Microsoft Word documents.
SQL Monitor (Red Gate)
SQL server monitoring and alerting tool that provides alerts and recommendations via an intuitive interface and e-mail.
SQL Multi Script (Red Gate)
Execute multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers to assist change management across SQL Servers.
SQL Prompt Bundle (Red Gate)
Suite of four high-speed database tools for fast and accurate code completion. Rather than: Four high-speed tools for doubling your workrate.
SQL Prompt Pro (Red Gate)
SQL Sentry Power Suite is a complete performance monitoring and optimisation solution for Microsoft SQL Server.
SQL Toolbelt (Red Gate)
Subscription that enables developers and database administrators to gain access to all the SQL Server tools, including new releases.
Stingray Studio (Rogue Wave Software)
VC++ Class library/ActiveX (.NET Ready)

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